Critical Skills

Subject to a number of prescribed requirements, a critical skills work visa may be issued by the Director-General to an individual possessing such skills or qualifications determined by the Minister to be critical for the Republic by notice in the Government Gazette, and to those members of his or her immediate family.

One such requirement is for an applicant’s qualifications needs to be evaluated by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) with the primary objective of setting nationally recognised and internationally comparable education and training standards and qualifications which ranges from NQF Level 1 to NQF Level 8 (post-graduate qualifications). The National Qualifications Framework (NQF) is a comprehensive system approved by the Minister of Higher Education and Training for the classification, registration, publication and articulation of quality-assured national qualifications and part-qualifications. The South African NQF is a single integrated system comprising three co-ordinated qualifications Sub-Frameworks.

Furthermore, an applicant is required to register with the relevant South African professional body recognised by the South African Qualifications Authority.

An applicant for a Critical Skills Visa may enter South Africa on such visa, which can on application be granted by a South African Consulate or mission abroad if all the requirements are met, without having secured a job offer first. It is, however, required of the applicant to confirm employment in South Africa with the Department of Home Affairs within a period of one year, failing which, the visa would automatically lapse.